Do you like fishing?

The Hameau des Lacs also offers you the possibility to mix fishing activities and camping.

The pleasures of the water which are offered to you during your stay in Aveyron at the edge of the lake are numerous. A real promise of emotions and precious memories.

Swimming is the immediate, instantaneous pleasure, but you can also try your hand at fishing in the lake of Villefranche de Panat.

Classified in 2nd category, you can practice all kinds of fishing techniques including blow fishing.

The lake is regularly swept by sustained winds. Do not hesitate to fish with heavy weights. This is the realm of angling and the quiver specialists are particularly fond of it. Find his fishing spot?

But all around the lake, you can alternate all types of fishing: with the English, with the blow, with the quiver, by boat to track the carnivores.

Opened in July 2016, the trail around the lake (about 10 km) will allow you to easily find your fishing station, in complete tranquility, even at the height of summer activity.

And if the other members of your family aren't fishing fans, the walks or bikes around the lake will allow the whole family to get together.

Unique moments, intense emotions, unforgettable memories!

You have never fished before and would like more information? You can count on the campsite manager who will be able to inform you about the best fishing spots, the necessary equipment, the purchase of your fishing card... We even suggest you call him before booking your stay to prepare your holidays at the campsite as well as possible!

You love fishing and you say to yourself : " No holiday without fishing ! ». Or you simply want to enjoy the pleasures of fishing?

Discover the Hameau de Lacs, you will be able to fish during your holidays!

You will be able to live your passion and provide your whole family with an ideal holiday.

Your fishing holidays will be a success: a warm welcome, irreproachable cleanliness, precise and quality information, a private and well-kept site, a valued and respected environment.

Tip for beginners

Angling is a good technique to start fishing. It allows you to quickly discover the pleasure of catching a fish.

What fish to catch?

We'll catch mostly "white" fish. One can quote the roach, the rotengle, the bream, the tench, the carp.

Where to fish?

Choose a location that is not too cluttered with vegetation. This will allow you to practice without risks and without too many clashes. In the same way, it is preferable to choose a clean bottom, not too muddy and with a light current. The presence of vegetation can be interesting because it serves both as shelter and as a larder for the fish.

Que me faut-il pour pêcher au coup ?

First you need a fishing rod. Ideally a length of 10/11 meters but for beginners, you should choose shorter and more economical. You can start with an economic rod of 5m with a mounted line. To start and catch roach and rotengles, the line will be mounted in 10/100, with a bottom line in 8/100. (The leader must be "lighter" than the line) The float will preferably be tapered, very sensitive, equipped with a thin antenna that will easily be inserted at the touch. In case of strong wind and wavelets, choose a "stockier" drip float that will better resist the movements of the wave. The hook is chosen according to the bait (we prefer the term bait) To begin, the most frequently used bait is the maggot which will require a hook number 18 to 22 (22 being the smallest).

A few lines mounted in reserve, a few hooks mounted to repair hooks, a measure of maggots, a bag of bait, a bucket to keep his catches and happiness is near.

Attention the fishing card is obligatory, you can buy it online here

Eric will be happy to print out your license for you.

(You will choose the local association AAPPMA LEVEZOU of Villefranche de Panat)

There are licences for children under 12, for minors (between 12 and 17 years old), for women, to fish for a day, a week, a year ...