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Hiking around the lake of Villefranche de Panat or in Levezou

Exceptional region

Located in the heart of an exceptional region, the Hameau des Lacs is a pretext for numerous excursions, countless discoveries and hours of wonder.

The Hameau des Lacs is a real paradise for hikers! Magnificent landscapes, breathtaking views and exotic hikes await you.
Whether you are an accomplished sportsman or a Sunday walker, you will be delighted. You will find walks for all levels. Many will appreciate going around the lake, which has been set up for a few hours walk with the family.

It is possible to go on an organised hike in Lévézou and it is here: https://aveyron-randonnee.fr/

Camping & Hiking

What could be better than a stroll to discover the soul of a region and its inhabitants? You can walk at your own pace, and take a break on the banks of the Tarn or on the banks of the lake, to enjoy the sun and the surrounding nature.

Go for a hike

This summer, treat yourself to a true return to your roots at the Hamlet of the Lakes! From your campsite or cottage, set off on the hiking trails starting from the campground or nearby. There's no better way to enjoy the beauty of the landscape around you!

The lakes of the Levezou, the forests, or the valleys of the Tarn, the Muse or the Dourbie; you will have the opportunity to explore magnificent landscapes, enjoy spectacular views and unearth some unsuspected treasures along the way. There is nothing like an excursion that ends with a refreshing dip in the pool or lake to relax 100%!

And to make sure you never go wrong, don't hesitate to ask at the reception desk of your campsite : maps and tips are always available !

Don't forget your camera, binoculars, backpack, water bottle, hiking poles and you will be ready to conquer our beautiful region.

Tips for beginners

You decided to go hiking? But where to start?

Here are a few tips that only we can offer. We are not specialists but it seems obvious to us.

First of all, remember to plan your itinerary carefully. (We have a few guidelines at your disposal)

If you're a beginner, don't aim for Everest base camps right away, but don't neglect to plan your itinerary. Know when to go! Don't leave at 7pm for a 4-hour hike for example. Unless you've decided to hike at night.

Try to understand the terrain you will have to face. And don't waste too much time, especially if your hike is long.

You need to know your limits.

You're not a hiking pro, you're not in good physical condition; walks around the lake are a great way to get ready.

Prepare yourself at home: Start with easy, flat walks and break up the walks with frequent breaks.

Remember to protect your feet.

Don't equip yourself with the latest hiking equipment right away.

The most important thing is to have a good pair of high or low hiking boots. It is best to ask yourself if they are suitable for walking when you buy them in the shop and not two hours before a day of trekking!

Buy suitable shoes in a dedicated store rather than online. Salespeople are trained to assess your walking and see if a shoe is suitable for your foot, your weight, your activity.

Also pay attention to grip and waterproofness.

Put on several layers.

The onion technique is essential. By wearing many thin layers, you can remove them one by one as time and your body temperature changes.

Hydrate and eat regularly.

Frequent breaks and snacks will provide you with the energy you need.

We all know that the body needs at least two litres of water. Hiking is not a normal day. Your body will demand more food and water.

Don't forget to take your garbage with you.

Think of your safety.

To begin with, don't hike alone and don't leave without checking the weather forecast. If the weather starts to deteriorate, don't hesitate to turn back.
Keep a little room in your bag for a small first aid kit.

And above all, have fun!